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Bradley's Kina Tonic, 2.5 gallon BiB - Bradleys Tonic Co.



Bradley’s Kina Tonic, 2.5 gallon BiB


For Bars and Restaurants only!!

If you love the Kina Tonic and want to make it available to your customers through your bag-in-box style soda dispensing system, this is your solution! It’s taken a hell of a long time to work out all the logistics, but here we are. This BiB contains 2.5 gallons of tonic syrup which can connect to 95% of all soda dispensing systems in the USA.

Some math for you business folks:

This bag contains enough tonic for 426 cocktails, containing .75oz syrup. That’s less than $.23 per drink! Assuming you already use big brand or off brand syrup, this is only a 10-13 cent increase in cost of ingredients per drink. With a $1.00 upcharge, you can increase the profit per drink by $.90 with no extra effort. That’s pretty serious!

And your customers will come back for more of that “craft tonic.”

Please specify the type of dispensing system you use at your business in the “comments” box, and I’ll include any necessary adapters free of charge.

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