Bradley’s Kina Tonic – 6 Pack


This is a 6-pack of the tonic that’s taking the world by storm… kinda. Each bottle is ~10.5 cocktails’ worth of syrup. So you’re looking at some serious business with the 6-pack.

Bradley’s Kina Tonic is a non-alcoholic tonic concentrate made from real cinchona bark, warm spices, and real orange oil. The flavors are bold and fresh when combined in a classic Gin & Tonic.

This is for SIX 8oz bottles of the Kina Tonic, which is enough for more than 63 Gin & Tonics according to the recipe on the side of the bottle. All you need is some great Gin and Soda/Seltzer water to enjoy the most flavorful and classic G&T of your life.

All orders are shipped flat rate USPS to anywhere in the USA, and non-returnable as they are food items. This for safety reasons. If you are outside the USA or would like to discuss bulk ordering or wholesale, please contact me personally.




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